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Local businesses and the communities they help build are the heartbeat of the fastest growing, most densely populated, and most diverse county in New Jersey. Each of Hudson County’s 12 municipalities has a unique heritage and economy. We are proud of the fact that the HCEDC and our partners serve and support them each day and into the future. Our mission to open doors of opportunity through access to capital, education, training and information are not merely services we provide, they are deeply reflective of our commitment to the quality of life for every resident and business owner here.

Our Opening Doors report is the result of our collaborative work with local municipalities, the Hudson County administration, nonprofit organizations, state government and partners to empower our county. Together we stand as committed citizens and corporations to provide guidance and ongoing investment within our County.

Through the pages of this report, we hope you’ll enjoy meeting some members of our community that define Hudson County’s unique experience and learn more about how we are helping to empower businesses and organizations of all sizes.

HCEDC’s Opening Doors 2023 Annual Report

Business Spotlight

PAZ Music Academy

Established in 1985, Paz Music Academy of Kearny, a unique multi-generational business continues to transform Hudson County’s families and special needs communities through the teaching of appreciation, theory and technique. Today, Yanina and Roberto Paz further a family tradition and love of music which began with Roberto’s father in Spain ...