Fit 4 A Better Me, LLC.

When Brenda Green, a certified, professional NASM-CPT, Precision Nutrition Coach, and Strength Specialist, founded Fit 4 A Better Me in 2016, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that was both a personal mission and a community-building revolution. Today, this woman-owned and operated virtual fitness and health studio continues to empower, transform and inspire a diverse and dynamic group of women.

“I started my business to create a space for women to take care of their overall health. As women, we predominantly take the role of caregiver and put our care on hold. My journey as a cancer survivor reinforced the importance of health and wellness, as I was blessed to recover quicker than anticipated. However, my aunt, who helped care for me while I was ill, and unbeknownst to me, ignored her own health issues to her detriment. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Her death helped propel me forward in my drive to help other women to be healthier, fit, and a better version of themselves inside and out.”

When Brenda moved Fit 4 A Better Me to Hudson County, she immediately saw a benefit to her business. “I’ve traveled around the country and lived in many places, but nothing stuck like Hudson County did. When my husband and I made the move to Secaucus, I dedicated myself to taking my business to the next level by participating in all the great programs available to me.”  Brenda’s business journey started with an introduction to her future coach, Reina Valenzuela, of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (SHCCNJ), at a free business training class in Paterson. Reina helped facilitate her participation in various networking events and programs. Shortly after, Brenda was enrolled in the SHCCNJs Hispanic Entrepreneurship Training Program (HETP), where she was able to connect with other small business owners and learned how to not only strengthen her business model, but was also able to take advantage of other opportunities.

After completing the HETP program, Brenda entered a pitch competition hosted by Latinas in Business and was awarded a scholarship for Rutgers Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development/ Entrepreneurship Pioneers Initiative (CUEED/EPI) training program. When asked about her experience, Brenda reflected, “I had not realized the true value of Rutgers EPI program until meeting my mentors and coaches.” She continued, “with the guidance of Jasmine Cordero as my program manager, I was able to grow and plan for challenges. What is most inspiring is knowing that there is so much support for entrepreneurs to realize goals and take businesses to the next level. The experience is really “Familia,” working together, supporting and helping each other out.”
Over the past 14 years, we’ve helped over 600 entrepreneurs in New Jersey to build their brands, accelerate strategic alliances, and focus their finances,” says Lyneir Richardson, Executive Director of CUEED.  “Small businesses strengthen communities, and we’re proud to contribute to their growth and success.”

“The Hudson County Economic Development Corporation’s ongoing commitment to supporting growth and accelerating entrepreneurship is core to our mission. We’re proud to provide funding to the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Entrepreneurship Training Program along with the Rutgers Business School Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development Entrepreneurship as we continue to open doors throughout the County. Through the alignment of our partnerships, Hudson County’s business community had access to the training and skill set development necessary to prepare for, survive and thrive through the Covid-19 pandemic.” Michelle Richardson, Executive Director, Hudson County Economic Development Corporation.

“Being an entrepreneur anywhere takes grit, strength, and a willingness to learn. Here in Hudson County, I’ve found a welcoming and supportive community that keeps pushing forward to provide the right environment to help us grow. Working together and knowing that other people are on the same journey is an invaluable and inspiring experience. I’m often asked for words of advice for other entrepreneurs, and I always say, never give up and ask for help; there are so many programs through local organizations and Chambers. Get involved!”

Getting involved and making a difference in the lives of others takes many forms at Fit 4 A Better Me. For over 6 years, every December Brenda participates in the Kids Blessing Bag Project by helping to organize donations of essential items, clothing, and gifts to various local shelters. Always exploring ways to connect with more organizations focused on women’s health, Brenda is looking forward to expanding her community and discovering new doors opening for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Free 10-Week Summer Fitness Program held at Harmon Cove, Secaucus, NJ.

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