Double Batch Bakery – Bayonne, New Jersey

When Rachel and Angel Hidalgo found out they were expecting twins they moved from Manhattan to Hudson County in 2009 to be closer to family and are now not only proud parents, but successful business owners.

“We always dreamed of opening a bakery of our own. Hudson County’s incredible diversity and network of resources turned out to be the perfect place. Our success here would not have been possible without the help of Djenaba Johnson-Jones, the owner of Hudson Kitchen, a food and beverage incubator in Kearny, Cheryl and Christopher Mack, the owners of Bridge Art Gallery, and the introductions made to organizations, including the Hudson County Economic Development Corporation (HCEDC),” shared Rachel.

“I established Hudson Kitchen in 2015 with the help of HCEDC and their lending partner UCEDC. My goal to build an inclusive and vibrant community of like-minded industry entrepreneurs continues to be realized through introductions and networking with businesses like Double Batch Bakery that are enriching our industry through their professional experiences and unique cultural approaches to food,” Djenaba Johnson-Jones shared.

Double Batch is bringing their unique cultures literally to the table. “I am Filipino and Indian, my husband is Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian. Bayonne’s rich diversity has allowed us to incorporate these cultures into our food. Our customers love to learn about the variety of pastry we create and thanks to them we’re now exploring and integrating new recipes and ingredients for diverse holidays and occasions. Like Hudson County, we’re constantly changing and introducing fresh flavors and experiences to the community,” said Rachel.

“The HCEDC’s vision to create a vibrant ecosystem for our business community and partners takes shape with Double Batch Bakery and their success in Hudson County.  Our work with Hudson Kitchen has helped lay the groundwork for the growth of the region’s culinary renaissance and we are incredibly proud of that fact.  We actively promote and encourage business-to-business networking and relationships.  In Bayonne, the business community is very tightly knit, and they help each other, not only by doing business with each other but also by sharing information and resources. Local businesses like Bridge Art Gallery owner, Cheryl Mack operated as an adept networker and connecter.  Cheryl and her husband, Christopher, regularly invited the HCEDC to their gallery events to meet with businesses at their gallery and facilitated introductions,” shared Michelle Richardson, Executive Director, HCEDC.

“Hudson County is a multi-dimensional experience with arts and culture, small businesses and community-based organizations partnering together, HCEDC is a phenomenal resource helping to connect them all,” shared Cheryl Mack, Bridge Art Gallery. “Our vision was to create a welcoming space that would serve as a community hub to foster a strong and resilient community. The primary resource for Bayonne is the people and Double Batch Bakery is a great example of this; they make their goods with love and we make every effort to work with them. Over the past few years, we’ve come to realize that collaboration is key to our collective success through the pandemic and beyond.”

Double Batch Bakery’s success is why so many small businesses continue to choose Hudson County. Community organizations with a focus on business-to-business alliances in combination with flourishing diversity and vibrant, unique neighborhoods help make the dream of starting a business achievable. Hudson County’s collaborative economy is helping to pave the way for a bright future for entrepreneurs and a thriving local ecosystem.

Double Batch Bakery; famous for their signature Croissamada, a hybrid pastry, part croissant and part ensaymada (Filipino sweet bread made topped with butter, sugar, and cheese).

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